The Voyage of the Orestes to NSW, 1839 Spreadsheet

Voyage of the Orestes to NSW Stroudwater Assisted Emigrants.

With thanks to John Loosley for providing the information and Noah Griffiths for his work in providing these spreadsheets for further research.

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Oakridge and The Mason – Dixon Line

It must have been bit like this
When the turnpike trusts improved a road,
Or the inland navigators came to town and village:
Severn Trent out there outside Sapperton Church,
Putting in new pipes,
Such noise and mayhem
And workers whose accents
Were a long way from home.
It brought the children out to watch.
What else is there to do in the country in the 18th century?

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River Prints

With many thanks to Lucy Guenot:

1. R is for River
Letterpress print, playing with Severn names

2. Severn seeks the sea
Linocut and letterpress, using a phrase from one of Frank Mansell’s Cotswold Ballads: ‘The roads go down’

3. River Frome 1
Linocut of the Frome in the Nailsworth valley

4. River Frome 2
Linocut of the Frome in Stroud alongside Dr Newton’s way

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Black and British (and Stroud)

Black and British A Forgotten History David Olusoga Bunce Island in Sierra Leone was once an early British slaving headquarters: ‘In exchange for slaves and other valuable commodities the British offered glass beads, bundles of cloth, gunpowder, European metal goods,...

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Trade Cloth

Trade Cloth: strouds, scissors and shrouds We travelled track 32 from Grand Central, The Hudson Line up to Beacon, Where fires were once lit on the Fishkill Mountains, To warn of British army redcoat movement; The hills and woodland were all red fall tint, On both...

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