Colonial Countryside? Disenchantment?

Disenchantment: The Picturesque Cotswolds and ‘Colonial Countryside’
A Walk in the Park

David Olusoga: ‘Few acts of collective forgetting have been as thorough and as successful as the erasing of slavery from Britain’s “island story”.’

The following descriptions from the internet describe the beauty of Cirencester Park. There is no mention of something else … more of that, later.

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From Crickdale to Lechlade

I arrive at William Cobbett’s rotten borough of Cricklade: ‘I passed through that villainous hole … the labourers look very poor, dwellings little better than pig beds and their food nearly equal to that of a pig. This Wiltshire is a horrible county.’ But last...

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The Weavers and Workhouse Walk

Also see Angela’s website by clicking here! Well, that was a walk, that was, and even though it’s over, it’s hard to let it go. Well over one hundred people gathered in the Ale House in Stroud for the stroll through Stroud up to the cemetery, and then other...

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London Pub Pilgrimage: A Baker’s Dozen Or So

Buddleia in broad gauge bloom down on Stroud station, Crazy golf flags out at the Brunel Goods Shed, The 9.08 to Paddington (1966 and all that in the newspapers), Then the Bakerloo to Oxford Circus, And early doors into the Argyll Arms (‘Example of fin de siècle...

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A Walk around Selsey and the Stanleys and Stroud

Walking and/or Cycling: Roads and Lanes not Fields Sometimes, I like to walk paths, lanes and roads, rather than the fields: a route that can also be cycled on another occasion; or held in reserve for a wet winter spell, when the fields are waterlogged. The following...

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Walking through the Great War in Bristol

It was eleven o’clock, on a sunshine Sunday in July, When we gathered together to way-fare through time, In Bristol, at Temple Meads station forecourt: The carriage doors of remembrance troop trains Slamming shut, as whistles blew To take troops over the top, To a new...

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Suburban Stroud Psychogeography

The walk into town from Coronation Road is seemingly nondescript, It’s easy to ignore the street names’ indication of their dates of construction: Coronation Road, King’s Road, Queen’s Road – The death of Edward, the accession of George; It’s easy to miss the...

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