Pre Windrush Gloucestershire parish register entries


If you are a teacher, the link above, and a bit of navigating, will take you to some questions I wrote for schools based on the information below. That was over ten years ago … Otherwise, just have a look at these fascinating entries …
The Gloucestershire
Record Office holds references to black and Asian people in the county dating back to 1603. These were obtained from parish registers from around the county. This list has been compiled by James Turtle at the Gloucestershire Records Office over a number of years. However it is widely believed that there must be many more yet to be unearthed.
P47 IN 1/1
22 Nov 1603
John Davies ‘ye black’ was buried.
P23 IN 1/3
4 Dec 1668
Hannah, daughter of Thomas Liston, a Barbados merchant was baptised
Great Badminton
P32 CW 2/1
‘Gave unto 3 men that came from Barbadus: 8d’
Great Badminton
P32 CW 2/1
‘Gave unto 5 men that had been 3 years in slavery: 1s 8d’
P120 IN 1/1
5 Jun 1687
Jacob the servant of George Hanger Esq ‘a moore’ was baptised.
Great Barrington
P36 IN 1/2
9 Sep 1705
George Tudor, ‘a native of the Kingdom of Golconda’, was baptised.
Newnham on Severn
Q/SO4 1714-24
Easter 1715
John Prince ‘a black boy lately bought into England’ was apprenticed to John Trigge, Attorney at Law.
P234 IN 1/1
31 Dec 1719
Daniel ‘a black stranger’ buried
English Bicknor
Dean Forest Mercury 21/9/84
6 Nov 1721
Charles [Ashume] ‘ a black servant to Mr George Wyrall who departed this life…aged about 24’.
P32 IN 1/1
30 Sep 1724
Mary, the wife of ‘Black Samuel Cox’ was buried.
Gloucester Journal
24 Aug 1731
Charles Powell, a lusty, black fellow, said to be born in ..Monmouth, Ran away the 16th inst. from the service of Mr Viney of the City of Gloucester, with a blue Livery lined with yellow… and a dark brown wig: These are therefore to caution all Gentlemen & others from hiring him…
Bishop’s Transcript
3 Oct 1733
George Bristol ‘a black’, was baptised.
P289 IN 1/2
12 Aug 1736
George, a black slave, was baptised.
Bishop’s Transcript
27 Feb 1736/7
‘ was bap’zd a Negro by the name of Jno Caesar Hinton.’
Gloucester, St.Nicholas
P154/15 IN 1/2
19 Aug 1737
‘John son of Catrna, a black woman belonging to Mr Vernon, base born’, was  baptised.
P343 IN 1/1
17 Apr 1767
Peter ‘a black boy of Peter Hancock, Esq’ was baptised.
P234 IN 1/2
20 Jun 1773
Francis London ‘a servant to the Rt.Hon. Lord Ducie supposed to be 17 years of age – a native of Africa’ was baptised
Bigland Historical Monuments Part 1 1791
17 Mar 1773
16 Feb 1776
James Long (d. 17 March 1773) and Charles Morson (d. 16 Feb 1776). ‘They were natives of Africa and servants to Sir James Laroche at Over [Over Court, Almondsbury], who caused this stone to be erected.’
Bishop’s Transcript
18 Oct 1776
William Gloucester ‘a black negroe’ was buried.
P272 IN 1/2
1 Jul 1778
‘William Jubiter – black’, was buried.
Bishop’s Transcript
24 Oct 1780
John Romes ‘a black negroe’, Charlotte Braithwaite ‘a black negroe’ & Elizabeth Millington ‘a black negroe’ were baptised.
St Briavels
P278 IN 1/4
25 Feb 1780
John Coolin, an African brought from ‘Goree’, was baptised.
P110 IN 1/3
28 Jul 1782
Romiack, a black, was buried
P320 IN 1/6
28 Feb 1786
Adam John Parker, Negro, 32, was buried. Parish Funeral.
P227 IN 1/4
6 Feb 1788
Thomas Pipes, an East Indian Black, was baptised at Coleford.
P153 IN 1/3
4 Nov 1790
William Frocester, supposed to be about 11 or 12 yrs old, born on the island of Barbados and now a servant of Edward Bigland Esq. residing in Jamaica, was baptised.
Bristol: St Philip
& St Jacob
D260 (Coroner’s Account)
24 Feb 1792
Samuel Sewer, a black, found dead in Messrs Wilcox & Co glasshouse, 22 February. Verdict: Visitation of God.
Gloucester: St
P154/14 IN 1/3
25 Feb 1795
Julius Cesar, a black drummer, was buried
P330 IN 1/5
5 Jun 1797
Susanna Young, late of St Elizabeth, Jamaica, a free woman of colour aged 55 was buried. Died at and brought from Alveston.
P333/1 IN 1/2
29 Jan 1800
Peter Evans, a negro, was buried.
P320 IN 1/6
7 May 1801
William Ellis, son of Qualquay Assedew, a Negro of Guinea, aged 12 years, was baptised.
Gloucester: St Mary de
P154/11 IN 1/3
27 Nov 1802
Thomas Williams, a negro of the parish of St Mary de Crypt, was buried.
P333/1 IN 1/2
24 Nov 1805
Dido, a female negro belonging to Sir George Bolton, was buried.
Cheltenham: St Mary’s
Bishop’s Transcript
21 Oct 1810
Romeo Hamilton, a negro, was buried.
P166 IN 1/6
9 Apr 1815
Wm Hamlet, son of African parents aged about 16 years as alleged, of Hasfield, servant, was baptised.
D149 R38
5 Jul 1815
Testimonial from Richard Raikes supporting the application of John Hart, Writing Master, to the post of master at Bisley Blue Coat School ‘Unfortunately he is a Mulatto, a native of the West Indies…
Cheltenham: St
D4290 pp 1/1
16 Feb 1816
James Hudson, a Negro aged about 30 years, was baptised.
Cheltenham: St Mary’s
Bishop’s Transcript
12 Jul 1817
Mingo, a black man, 30 years old, was buried.
Cheltenham: St Mary’s
Bishop’s Transcript
13 Aug 1817
Margaret Walden, spinster, a ‘person of coller’, was baptised.
P166 IN 1/6
21 Jul 1820
James Austin, son of African parents aged about Thirty years as alleged, of Hasfield, servant, was baptised.
PS CH RA 2/1 [Settlement examination]
Nov 1820
Edward Williams: born in the island of Santa Cruiz in the West Indies, and has been in England about 7 years… About 2 years ago was hired by Mr [?Breesnall] who then lived in London for a year at wages of 20 guineas…
P217 IN 1/18
20 Jun 1826
Thomas Davis, ‘an infirm travelling Black’, was buried. 67 years old
P328/1 IN 1/19
10 Mar 1827
Mary Ann Elding, about 40 years old, was buried. ‘a travelling woman, the wife of a man of colour’
7 Oct 1829
Thomas Bloomsbury ‘a Native of Africa and for…55 Years a faithful servant to the late Samuel Richardson Esq.’
Cheltenham: St Mary’s
Bishop’s Transcript
6 Aug 1831
Jane Ross was baptised. Parents unknown. An adult, born a household slave at the Cape of Good Hope, now the servant of Major Robertson.
Q/GLi 16/5 (Gaol Register)
24 Mar 1849
John Collins, sailor, native of Antigua, aged 19. 2 months hard labour for larceny. ‘Left his home 10 yrs ago. Since then has been at sea in a merchant ship…’
Q/GLi 16/6 (Gaol Register)
6 Sep 1867
Henry Dyson, 20, Antigua; David Hunt, 25, W.Indies; Emmanuel  Davidson,22, W.Indies; all Men of Colour together with James Kear, 24, W.Indies, Mulatto; Mariners; jointly charged with stealing a wooden bottle and a quantity of bread & cheese & cider. Remanded overnight.
Q/GLi 16/6 (Gaol Register)
20 Aug 1875
William Bailey, pedlar of Pennsylvania, America, blackman. Charged with sleeping rough at Littledean.
P127 IN 1/17
29 Feb 1876
Ann Johnston, a woman of colour, 35 years old, was buried.
Q/GLi 16/6 (Gaol Register)
12 Aug 1879
John Delen, 35, ‘mallotta’ [?mulatto] from Calcutta. 7 days imprisonment for drunkenness at Newnham-on- Severn.
P78/3 IN 1/2
26 Jul 1882
Ruth an adult Native of Madras, Ayah in the service of Colonel Rowlandson, was baptised in the Tamil Language.
Q/GLi 16/7 (Gaol Register)
16 & 23
Sept 1886
Frank Decrews, 34, ‘man of colour’ born at Demerara. Begging at Cinderford (16th) & Drunk & Disorderly at Ruspidge (23rd). 7 day Hard Labour on each count.
Q/GLi 16/7 (Gaol Register)
10 Dec 1888
Robert Allen McCall, cook & baker of South Africa, complexion ‘black’. Theft of valuables to value of £6-10s. Committed to Assizes for trial.
Q/GLi 16/7 (Gaol Register)
6 Aug 1890
John Shields ‘American man of colour’ drunk at Cinderford
P86 IN 1/9
21 Feb 1894
Sidh Bisill Mahli, child of Nizam Ull Din and Rasham Bibi Mahli of Badoo-Mahli, Punjaub, India, was baptised. Father’s occupation: private gentleman.
D3921 V/8
In Memoriam: Dr M.L.Bangara 1881-1927. Doctor at Cinderford 1914-27.
St Briavels
D7979 5/4
Testimonial and subscription for Dr R.N. Nanda at St Briavels c.1923 – c.1945