Locks and Crime

In the reign of good King George the Third it was enacted

‘That any Person who shall wilfully or maliciously damage the works of this Canal, shall be deemed guilty of Felony, and be punishable by Transportation, or otherwise, as the Court shall adjudge.’

So be careful, good citizens, as ye stroll along and past the following locks:

Wallbridge Lower, Wallbridge Upper, Bowbridge, Griffin’s, Ham Mill,

Ridler’s or Hope Mill, Gough’s Orchard or Dallaway’s or Lewis’s;

Bourn or Harris’s, Beale’s, St Mary’s or Clark’s, Grist Mill or Ile’s Mill or Wallbank’s,

Ballinger’s, Chalford Chapel, Bell, Innell’s or Clowe’s or Red Lion,

Golden Valley, Baker’s Mill or Twizzel’s Mill Lower, later Bolting,

Baker’s Mill or Twizzel’s Mill Upper or just Baker’s Mill,

Puck Mill Lower, Puck Mill Upper, Whitehall Lower, Whitehall Upper,

Bathurst’s Meadow or Bathurst’s Meadow Lower,

Bathurst’s Meadow Upper or Sickeridge Wood Lower,

Sickeridge Wood Middle, Sickeridge Wood Upper,

Daneway Basin or Daneway Lower,

Daneway Bridge or Daneway Upper,

Siddington Upper, Siddington Second, Siddington Third, Siddington Fourth or Lowest,

South Cerney Upper, South Cerney Middle, South Cerney Lowest,

Boxwell Spring or Shallow or Little Lock,

Wilmoreway or Wildmoorway Upper or Humpback,

Wilmoreway Lower or just Wilmoreway,

Cerney Wick, Latton, Eisey,

Dudgrove Double Lock upper chamber, Dudgrove Double Lock lower chamber,