Searching for the Soul of Forest Green Part Two

‘We think place is about space but in fact, it is really about time.’
(Rebecca Solnit)

When I first went in search of the soul of FGR,
I wandered through fields and lanes and hills and hedgerows,
Trying to find FGR’s elusive genius loci,
A topographical version of the soul,
Interwoven with local history,
Only to reach the conclusion that this soul
Might just be found in the imagination,
An invented fey ley line,
Emanating from the Jovial Forester,
Stretching up to The New Lawn Another Way
Down through the old hamlet of Forest Green,
And along the valley to the River Frome,
And thence to the River Severn,
A gateway to a world far beyond the Five Valleys:
In short, a Janus-like conjoining
Of both introspection and extrojection.

But a reading of Tim Barnard’s FGR history:
Something to Shout About
Gave me something to think about,
And grounded me further in time as well as space,

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The Anniversary of the NHS: Parity not Charity

Tucked between the Trinity Rooms and the Hospital we celebrated the NHS’s 65th birthday this week in the Pocket Park. Built and given to the people in the 1880s, the Trinity Rooms acted as a ward in the First World War for troops, many, almost certainly, wounded on...

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Gloucestershire and the Peasants’ Revolt

Walking between Climperwell and Caudle Green, You walk through prehistory As well as the spring-source of the River Frome; And then at Grid reference SO 928117, Latitude 51.80389980, Longitude -2.10581700 (400m metres south-west of Groveridge House, Near Brimpsfield),...

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May 21st 1839 on Selsley Common

May 21st 2016 – May 21st 1839 ‘A lovely day spent on Selsley Common today, remembering this day in 1839 when 5,000 gathered here in support of the People’s Charter. Then a talk about it all in the Bell, and a toast with the commemorative porter. Something quite...

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The 5 Ws and the H of Chartism

The 5 Ws and the H of Chartism It was a political movement – for the ‘People’s Charter’ – (‘Universal Suffrage, No Property Qualification, Annual Parliaments, Equal Representation, Payment of MPs and Vote by Ballot’), With three petitions to parliament in...

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