First Bath Slavery Walk: The Great Stench

A note from Richard White on the first Bath Slavery Walk, Sunday October 4th:

‘A quick shout out to you all to say that today’s little experiment went well. We didnt knock on any doors but there was the beginnings of an improvised ritual as far as the slaveowners homes go.
and so much more to work with….
maybe when all the addresses are identified we could do a slow solemn walk around Bath to each address, read out the numbers and perhaps leave an appropriate object/item…tin of golden syrup?
Walking out again on Sunday 1 November heading for the west of the city and out into the country. More addresses to ‘truth’ and then maybe loop out via Beckford’s Tower.
Hope you can join us then. More details to follow.
I have posted as first draft  to my blog here

Thanks to those who came and to those who followed online!’

A quick note from me – I really like the analogy of the ‘Great Stench’ on the 19th century River Thames; that finally forced Parliament to act on public health and cholera. Richard’s posting on the link above mentions this as a thread that ran through the walkers’ responses yesterday.