Find Another Bath Project and Walk

A message from Richard White:

Greetings Walkers and Supporters.
A first Sunday walkout for August!
Hope you can join me on foot or online.
Sunday 7 August 10.00
Meet outside 44 AD Gallery, 4 Abbey St, Bath BA1 1NN
A photo walk as a contribution to the Find Another Bath project. I want to gather images of the plaqued and unplaqued homes, visitors and residents of Bath, with a special interest in exploring the legacies of slave ownership. Part of the walk will take place along the National Trust’s Walk to the View and I hope we will find and share other views as we go.
Much of the walk will be in the City but we will finish in the fields overlooking the Abbey and the view west. The walk goes ahead regardless of the weather , I’ll do a second email shot nearer the date.
I am very keen to discuss with you a cycle of walks based on this past few months work and building on the fringe walks. The walk on Sunday will be a contribution to the Find Another Bath project and I really hope that together we can capture images and sounds for future exhibition. When we start asking questions about the obscured heritage of Bath, thinking the difficult thoughts of legacy, where does it take us? In the hurly burly summer season city can we find another Bath. Is it hiding in plain sight?
Maybe on Sunday 7 August we will capture a few glimpses of that other Bath.
Please join me on foot or online! Let me know if you can be there and do share this widely.
best wishes

Richard White
mob: 07717012790
tw: @walknowlive