Jim Pentney, Stroud and Myeloma Fund-Raising

CYCLING FROM THE SEVERN TO THE SEINE Myeloma UK is a national charity working on awareness and research into the ‘hidden blood cancer’ of which 24,000 people are treated across the country. Jim Pentney was diagnosed two years ago. Since then, he has had a stem cell transplant and last year took part in the charity’s Challenge 24, organised to cover some 24 miles in any interesting way. He went from the Severn at Framilode to the Thames at Lechlade by bike, canoe and van (see photos). The challenge is more ambitious now, to cycle with a large group from London to Paris in September. James Beecher is kindly providing Jim with an electric bike, the target being for each rider to raise £2000 for the charity. Here’s Jim’s fundraising link Here are photos of Jim’s previous Severn escapade: Dashboard • London Paris Ride London Paris Ride: Make a donation today to support London Paris Ride
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The Moral Economy

Remember the moral economy? Back in the 18th century when Citizens would register anger At unjust wages and unfair prices With protests, demonstrations, gatherings, Rioting, strikes, and beating pots and pans In a cacophony of rough music, With carnival skimmington...

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Toll Houses and Turnpike Gates

Toll Houses and Turnpike Gates There’s no rhyme or reason in my turnpike, Toll house and mile post investigations, I just walk or ride out on a whim, But recording rather than re-imagining the past, Just like a true old school antiquarian – Armed with my 1967...

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Workshop of the World

Workshop of the World Raphael Samuel Edited by John Merrick Verso 2024 An extract to stimulate similar writing about Stroud and the Five Valleys through a cooperative collective endeavour with people proffering a couple of sentences or more about trades and jobs and...

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Rights of Common

Commoners: Common Right, Enclosure and Social Change in England, 1700-1820 J.M. Neeson Some gleaning made from this uncommon text, So as to share knowledge in common: Timothy Nourse in Campania Felix, or a Discourse of the Benefits and Improvements in Husbandrywrote...

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The Lonely Tree

With thanks to Bob Fry Edited letter from Henry Burgh, Justice of the Peace, to the Home Secretary, Lord John Russell, M.P. for Stroud: ‘Rodborough, March 29th, 1839, 6p.m. My Lord I acknowledge receipt of Your Lordship’s Directions this morning. I have taken measures...

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