Berkeley Walk July 16

Times were hard in the early nineteenth century for country people, with the effects of the war with France, enclosures, the Corn laws, the Game Laws and the high-handed attitude of some landowners. This led to events in our county that resulted in 4 young men losing their lives, others being transported and families left destitute. Join us for a fascinating walk on 16th July as we explore the Berkeley Poaching Affray of 1816, an intriguing and truly tragic rather than romantic tale. We suggest meeting at 10.30am in Berkeley on Marybrook Street which is between the 2 public car parks. We shall take a walk through Berkeley and into open country, exploring the story and its relevance to the present day and approaching the site of the affray itself. On our return we may be treated to tea at Dr Jenner’s House –  he and his nephew both having had some involvement. Bring some lunch, some water, and appropriate footwear. We hope to see you there.
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Radical Randwick Ramble A Ramble in Radical Randwick Sunday, 23 June 2024 11:00 – 13:30 What makes the history of Randwick unique? How come this unassuming village in the hills of Stroud appears in a survey of...

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Slimbridge Diggers Walk July 2

The Diggers were a group of 17th century religious and political dissidents in England, seeking to establish agrarian socialism. The famous Digger settlement in 1649 at St George’s Hill,  Surrey is well known and celebrated, but our local area also saw a Digger...

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The East India Company

 The information boards at Chalford intrigue, Because of the lack of information: At Chalford Vale and along the canal, We are told about the local links With the East India Company, But we are not told about the practice Of the East India Company; The information...

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The Cragg Vale Coiners

Does the story of the Cragg Vale Coiners Remind you of the moral economy – Back in the 18th century when Citizens would register anger At unjust wages and unfair prices, With protests, demonstrations, gatherings, Rioting, strikes, and beating pots and pans, In a...

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