‘For 326 years the public have enjoyed free access to Cirencester Park – one of the largest open green spaces in Gloucestershire.
On March 15th, that freedom will end.
The Bathurst Estate is introducing a paywall for access, with outsiders charged £4 to go for a walk.
Join Right to Roam for a peaceful jamboree on the weekend the charges are introduced, as we contest the paywalling of the park and celebrate hundreds of years of community heritage.
We’ll hear from locals, historians and Right to Roam campaigners and resurrect some of the park’s great customs in a ‘Fayre For All’.
(We won’t be paying)
Won’t we be trespassing?
Technically, yes. But really we’re just doing what we’ve always done: going for a peaceful wander in the park.
If you’re worried: peaceful trespass is a ‘civil’ offence and the chances of anything coming of it are low, especially when it’s conducted en masse.
What to Bring
Bring appropriate footwear for a soggy spring wander, warm clothes, something for lunch – and perhaps something to share!
You may wish to bring a ground sheet or blanket to sit on at various points.
We ask you to leave doggo at home for this one.
Even when it was freely open the park only allowed dogs in certain areas and we’re not here to contest dog management policies! Our furry friends can also add complication when we’re here to make a wider point.
Sure, this is intended to be a peaceful, family-friendly event. If they’re happy with a bit of walking and a few hours out in spring weather!’