Blue Lantern Pilot Project for the Homeless

Having lived and advocated in the homeless environments in the City of Gloucester, the ambition is to produce a safe and warm environment and to live without fear within our own home. For all those that are not experiencing a home, young or old, able bodied or not, right minded or not, this will be a home welcoming to all.

I personally believe we have to start somewhere and the Pilot Project is exactly that: a start with a goal to produce a temporary, transportable self-sustainable home with the wrap-around services of a community; welcoming to the homeless with the benefit of such a home and also contributing to the community where it sits.

It can then be replaced in time by a sustainable permanent structure to suit the needs of the individual and the community.

The unit exists on paper and similar units are in production now and used in various forms for the homeless.

The other moving parts to create the sustainable aspects exist today, I’m not proposing inventing the wheel, the spokes just need to be put together to create the wheel.

Steve Gower

BENEFIT GIG up The Prince Albert Saturday March 2nd 7.30

Donation details on The Prince Albert website