Bath Disenchantment Walks: Slavery Synopsis

A message from Richard White:

HI folks,
Instant update on the first 3 walkouts. We had an interesting walk East of the city on Sunday into that strange zone between river, canal and railway. Any ideas about that place would be very welcome.

With your help I have now ground truthed 3 walks that explore the enchanted city and its picturesque views whilst offering hard information that reveal glimpses of other views…moments of disenchantment. We have had a number of conversations on how to acknowledge the presence of Bath’s last legal slaveowners and the legacy of slavery for the city…and much more!
Lots of questions now to explore from the historical/factual to the aesthetic/performative and I am still working round that ethical issue of how to address an historic resident of a property without being accusative to the current residents. This IS history knocking on the door of the present but the metaphor starts to fall apart or at least gets very complicated as we start to perform it!

I am now going to think and research this particular theme through with the intention of presenting something later in 2016.

Here is a link the socialmedia trail:
and a live googlemap
this is all still work in progress and will change

In 2016 walk out Sundays will continue to explore this enchantment/disenchantment idea. First Sunday of every month. I want to continue to develop the slavery/empire theme with a walk down the River Avon. Through a series of walks I also want to build a story of the migration of people into Bath. The goal for this is to trace a route from Chewton Mendip to Bath …. to the unmarked graves at Odd Down workhouse. I’ll put out a list, send some reminders and hope you will be able to join me in developing these routes and ideas.

Next walk on Sunday 3 January

Preparations are well underway for the final stage of the Forced Walks: Honouring Esther project in Germany. Come and walk with us, 4 and 5 February.  (Walkout Sunday 6 Feb will be in Hanover, but Bath based for the rest of the year.)

Have a good Christmas or whatever you celebrate. See you in the New Year!
best wishes