Stroudwater and Empire (and Morris Dancing)

Stroudwater and Empire (and Morris Dancing) (Written after reading The Cloth Industry in the West Country 1640-1880 J. De L. Mann) Chalford has such a labyrinth of weavers’ walks and footpaths – And on a mid-winter’s day, with plumes of smoke rising from Chalford Bottom read more
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Slavery and a Cotswold Landscape

On re-reading The Country and the City by Raymond Williams It must be thirtyish years since I read this, when my responses were all about William Cobbett, John Clare, enclosure, industrialization, urbanization, the fate of the peasantry and the rise of an urban...

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Stroud and the Black Atlantic

Thoughts derived from a reading of Creating Memorials Building Identities The Politics of Memory in the Black Atlantic (Alan Price Liverpool University Press 2012) Doors of No Return, Historic, documented, liminal places, Not gone with the wind, but both visible and...

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Stroud and the Triangular Trade

18th Century Sea Dog Doggerel: A 21st Century Shadow. ‘All Ship-shape And Bristol fashion’: With river, canal and turnpike, Cloth could be carried down to Bristol, bound for Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Benin, Angola, Gambia.  Then The Door Of No Return:  The...

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Bath Disenchantment Walks: Slavery Synopsis

A message from Richard White: HI folks, Instant update on the first 3 walkouts. We had an interesting walk East of the city on Sunday into that strange zone between river, canal and railway. Any ideas about that place would be very welcome. With your help I have now...

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